The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) aka the nature's way to cleanse

When I was working on the idea of Naturally Honest Labs, I knew, that the products on offer would have to cover the full spectrum of skin care. If there was a product to moisturise your face there needed to be a product to cleanse it, otherwise I would not be able to prove my point, that completely natural, plant based and vegan cosmetics are not only possible but that they should be the norm.

The first time I heard about the Oil Cleansing Method I was skeptical, like, I guess, many of you. What? Cleansing my face with oil? I had many doubts. Would my face be actually clean afterwards? Would it become oily? Would I break out? Would the pores become enlarged and would the skin appear dull? I read many articles singing praises about the method, however, so eventually my curiosity won and, as I am always the guinea pig for all my cosmetics, I created an oil blend for my skin type (normal & combination skin).

The first time you cleanse your face following OCM, you may get impatient or frustrated, I admit. It is, after all, a different cleansing method to what you’ve probably been used to so far. But stick with it, it will eventually become your second nature. And as for the performance. I can tell you that much. I was really amazed. Straight afterwards the skin felt soft and not tight at all. I followed the cleansing with the Face Oil for Normal & Combination skin and my skin felt great the whole day and after the night. Save the best for the last, as they say, though. The most astonishing were the long-term changes I noticed in my skin. My T-zone shining was gone, the sebum production has normalised and I haven’t had a spot in months. It really feels, as if my skin was brought back into equilibrium. The complexion has a much nicer appearance too. I believe that’s because the OCM method is so gentle to the skin. It does not destroy the skin’s protective barrier, which, in turn, prevents the skin going into an overdrive.

There was only one more claim about OCM to confirm – removing waterproof make-up. Surely that must have been an exaggeration? Nope. The OCM is really a perfect cleansing method. My waterproof mascara didn’t stand a chance. It didn’t look like the oil is going to do anything when I applied it to the lashes, but the minute I put warm, wet cotton pads over my eyes, the mascara just started to disintegrate. Astounding! (See below for the eye make-up removal tips.)

Since then, I had many of my friends and family members test the Naturally Honest Labs Cleansing Face Oils and the response is always the same – amazement.

The Cleansing Face Oils for Norman & Combination and Dry Skin are available from our Shop.

How to cleanse using our Facial Cleansing Oils:

You will need:

- Naturally Honest Labs Cleansing Face Oil

- Our Magic Face Cleansing Towel or another small cotton towel (& two cotton pads if you wear make-up)

- Access to warm water

The method:

Eye make-up removal:

For effective eye make-up removal soak a cotton pad in warm water and rub some cleansing oil into it. Put the pad over your eye and give it 10 secs to start working. Remove the make-up as normal.

Face cleansing:

1. Massage 1-2 pumps of the oil onto your face. Let the oil do its magic (I usually brush my teeth in the meantime).

2. Take a small towel, dip it in warm but not overly hot water and place over your face.

3. Take a few deep breaths (I like this part. It’s like a mini meditation.).

4. Using the towel carefully wash the oil away from your face.

5. If you feel like you need to, you can repeat steps 1-4 now. It should not normally be necessary.

6. Rinse your face with warm water.

You’re all done!

Follow with the Naturally Honest Labs Hydratone and Face Oil.

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